Wednesday, July 3, 2013

You Can't Go Back

Had a hankering for a good sandwich at lunch today. I stopped into McAllister's Deli, in search of the Blitz from the famed Bulldog Deli (we all know they were always virtually the same restaurant). I got the Memphian, which I thought was mostly similar to my beloved Blitz. It was Not. The. Same. Notevenclose.

It got me thinking about college. First of all, HOW have I been out of college for thirteen years? Then it hit me today that I am closer to my 20 year high school reunion than I am to the ten. Seriously close. I told Lauren earlier this week that I have been driving for 20 years (in response to some back-seat-suggestions). TWENTY YEARS?! WTF.

Anyway, here are the top five things I would do differently if I could have a re-do at college.

1. I would not buy those Timberland hiking boots. Yeah, they were the thing at the time, but they looked stupid.
2. Pretty much all of freshman year. I would erase it all.
3. I would stay longer. Jump straight in and get a master's degree.
4. Way much more time spent with girlfriends; much less time spent with/thinking about boys.
5. Appreciate it more while I was there. College was amazing.

BTW, totally wrote all of this last night; just never came back to hit publish.

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