Monday, July 1, 2013

My Mom's Not on Instagram

Because I'm pretty sure that my mom is the only person who looks at my blog, I am trying to spark some inspiration to come here more regularly. To that end, I am going to post a picture a day. (notice how I didn't even say that I'm going to "try" to post?? Balls to the wall.) (should Balls-to-the-Wall be hyphenated? I digress.)
July 1. Back at work. With a new desk, no less. I spent a large portion of my morning re-assembling my PC and next on the agenda was to get my post-it farm arranged. I fancy myself a Post-it Philosopher. I love keeping little quotes in eyesight. They lift my spirits. They may come and go, but the few that made the cut today range from Buddha to Truman to Barney Stinson. Classic. No, legen--waitforit--dary.

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