Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Hodge Podge

This morning, at school, I asked Merritt if she wanted to leave her pappi in the car. She looked at me as if I had eaten a live spider and said, "No. Pubby."

Oh, I will miss this time when she mispronounces things and it is just so cute.

Lauren used to call ketchup "bee-pop."
Tucker would pronounce at the end of every book, "Be-Tend!"

Merritt says P's instead of C's. "Pome on, guys!" And P's instead of T's (sometimes): "One mo' pime!"
I love her.


Today would have been Lauren and Tucker's first day of school had they stayed in private school this year. Instead, they have a reprieve until the 19th. The school they will be attending will be great, but I am sad for many reasons. I hope and pray that it is a smooth transition and that they find their niche quickly. This summer has been hard, and I am ready for it to be over. Both of the kids have not enjoyed (day) camp. Lauren has been especially upset with going these last few weeks. I'm not sure if something has happened that has caused her to not want to participate. She is a tough nut to crack...getting information out of her is a pretty impossible task, and as much as I have tried, I haven't gotten any valid reasons as to why she hates it so. As much as I would love to just scoop her up and hang out on the couch with her all day, I have had to draw a hard line and explain that not going to camp isn't a choice. I have to work = she has to go to camp. That has been beyond frustrating.

We spent a Merritt-free weekend shopping for school clothes. You know what, that was pretty beyond frustrating as well. Let's just leave it at a reaffirmation of my love for school uniforms. One positive note: L and T will both be able to wear cute tennie-shoes rather than the gross all-white or all-black required previously.

This week is the conclusion of the TaeKwonDo "camp" that L and T have participated in this summer. They will both test for their yellow belt on Friday. Both have enjoyed it immenseley and will continue in the fall. I have been hugely impressed with the program myself. They get a good workout, and the instructors are fabulous. I hope both kids will continue to be excited about it for a long pime time.

Lauren and I had a stroke of inspiration earlier this week. We have decided to do one of her bedroom walls in all different kinds of peace signs. I am looking forward to finding and making them in all sizes. Project!! Will post pics of the progress.

So that's what we're up to! How about you?

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