Sunday, August 18, 2013

A Mother's Back-to-School Prayer

Who would have ever thought that taking my two year old to school would be easier than dropping off my second and fourth graders for their first day of school?

On the eve of the First Day of School, our first day at a NEW school, I am grumpy and uneasy. I have a prayer, but it is mostly unarticulated. All I can pray is "Please, God."

Please let the kids continue to feel excited about this new school. Even when they get there and finally the pangs of leaving their friends hit them. Please don't let the kids at this school be assholes. Please let them make new friends easily and quickly and let them develop a routine and comfortable environment.

Please let Lauren get all of the help that she needs in school and let it be a positive experience. Let the teachers be excited and not jaded, helpful and not bothered, astute and not blasé. Please don't let the other kids be assholes. Let answers to the bigger questions come easily and let progress be made. Let her find a niche where she excels and that she enjoys.

Please let Tucker be challenged without being puffed up. Maybe knock him down a peg every now and then, but gently, God. Tucker is fragile even though he doesn't want us to know it. Let him make some good buddies (again, not assholes) that he can play with and make adventures.

Please, please give me the presence of mind to come to peace with this change in our lives. Give me the strength to fight the battles that need fighting and give me the patience to give the kids room to fight their own fights and clean up their own messes. Please, please let this be a smooth and positive transition.

And please don't let the kids be assholes.