Monday, August 26, 2013

No Mention of Miley Cyrus or Twerking, Sorry.

One week down. The school week seemed to go pretty well last week. And in a completely ironic move, Tucker was the one to denounce the new school mid-week. He complained that he hated it and that he wanted to go back to his old school. My heart tore again as I tried to hold it together and be positive. This morning before school, Tucker said "I'm scared of school," and told me that he cried two times last week. I think he is so nervous/shy/overwhelmed that his feelings are getting the best of him. I just listened and he felt better after we talked. After school today, he did say that he cried a little this morning (and who knows if we are really talking tears or sheer nerves here), but he admitted that he had a better day today. I think that came in the form of AR tests. Testing on computers = pure heaven for Tucker at this stage of the school year. Apparently prizes are given for achieving certain levels of points. He already has 9.

I don't know what to say about Lauren. Thus far, the transition seems to have been an easy one. She came home the first day of school with an address and phone number of a classmate who is also a neighbor. She has been positive every day going to school. The biggest challenge there is determining what to wear (and then actually getting dressed in said outfit). I have had to choose to lose the battle at least once already. As long as the clothes are clean, it doesn't matter if she repeats an outfit twice in a week, right?

Merritt is mostly completely enchanting, which makes up for the fact that she is such an attention hog. (I kid, but she does seem like my neediest child every.step.of.the.way. so far) She is at the great age, where she is a little parrot, but can also have the beginnings of a two-way conversation. It is precious. Her teachers taught her how to say "Peace Out!" She recently started calling her pappi (pacifier) Pappi O'Neal! She's very into last names right now.

Yesterday marked a change in Andy's schedule in which he will not be home in the evenings when the kids get home from school. This is temporary, and it will be difficult. I am thankful that I had a practice run of 'going it alone' when Andy was out of commission after his knee surgery in April. I hate that this change coincides with the start of the school year, particularly because it is tough to find a good routine, and that will not be made easier by being the sole person responsible for making it all happen in the evenings. It is tough, even with two parents present, trying to help one with homework, corral the creative juices/excess energy of the other , and soothe a shrieking baby (no names mentioned, but Mimi, we're looking at you). Oh, and add to that fixing supper and a taekwondo practice or two. Nothing to it but to do it. Here goes.

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