Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Short Week Stream of Consciousness

I love the one day holidays. They are the gift that keeps on giving. You think its great that you have a day off work--and it is--but then, you get the added bonus of a Short Week! It is a magical time where you trudge all the way through Monday and realize, "Hey! Its Tuesday! Woo Hoo!!"

Today I wore my phone battery down to the brink stalking news about the birth of my new niece. I love birth days. It is just so exciting. She is beautiful and smart and from what I hear had an exciting entrance. Love her. Between the Skype play-by-play and taekwondo, the kids got to bed waaaay too late tonight. Oh well.

It seems that my stream of consciousness is but a mere trickle. It may be directly correlated to the glass of wine that I had whilst skyping. More soon. (Edited to add: more soon = wine, now and blog posts, later)

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