Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Bizzy Evening

An early exit from an all day seminar gave me the five minutes I needed to run into the fabric store by myself (read: no kids) this afternoon. Found some cute, non-Christmassy fabric to make Christmas ornaments with.

Had a busy evening that included a PTA meeting complete with a musical presentation from both the second and fourth grades. I consciously elected to not be the mom breaking my neck or disturbing everyone else's view to try and take a picture. I just watched and enjoyed. The Divine Miss M had been dropped off at Aunt Tracy's house and am so thankful that she had a fabulous time while there! Wonderful to be able to watch the presentation without having to wrestle an octopus the whole time.

Came back home, jumped into cutting my fabric only to realize that my Mod Podge is missing. Now I'll have to make another trip to the HobLob. Oh well. Lauren, Tucker and I ended up having some fun playing Hangman on the art easel. That is my favorite kind of family game. Not one that you have to pull out of a box and set up and learn instructions...just the kind that crop up out of nowhere and are fun for a while, and you can come and go from over the course of a few days. Thankful for a night without the TV.

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