Sunday, November 17, 2013

Weekend Wrap-Up

Very thankful tonight for my parents who came over and kept the kids last night while Andy and I got to go out to eat to celebrate his birthday. It seemed a little rushed, because there was a ballgame to hurry back to, but that just gave me some time to visit with my mom and a glass of wine. Also, had a delicious blackberry martini at dinner. Soo yummy. I told Andy that I had maybe ordered 5 mixed drinks in my lifetime. I have drank a lot of them, but between the cost and the cool factor, I get intimidated when ordering. I think it is mostly the cost. Whatever, I enjoyed it last night.

I never did make it to campus this weekend. It was kind of a drippy weekend, with just enough to do to make it inconvenient to go. Spent most of the day yesterday straightening the house and making ornaments. Spent wayyy to much of my day today on the computer/phone/iPad. I need to detox, at least while I am at home. I think what I will do for at least the next week is to plug my phone and my iPad in the bedroom, and not bring them out. It is such a distraction--today I would turn on my phone every time I walked by it.

So, I'm grounding my devices. Caveat: I can still play Candy Crush and Jelly Splash before bed. But I CAN'T specifically walk back to the bedroom during the day to check my instagram. Also, this doesn't count when I'm at work.

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