Friday, November 15, 2013

Friday Thanks

I am so fortunate to have a job on a college campus. This is not the first time I have said this. But this afternoon, leaving work, it was deserted thanks to an away game (sidebar: worst game of the year; State vs. Bama). I love a deserted college campus. I go all the way back to childhood--no where near old enough to be in college, but old enough to venture (sneak?) away from the parents. My best cousin lived downtown and on a few occasions (maybe once, but it seems like several) we would walk to the W on a weekend afternoon. There are so many fun nooks and crannies, stairs to climb, lawns to sprawl out on...and no one to tell you any different. Deserted weekends were lonelier when I was actually in college (read: not pretending to be). But still there was something holy about it. It is a feeling of freedom and anonymity. That was the feeling I had again this evening.

I think I may go for a walk on my deserted campus tomorrow. And pretend to be in college.

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