Tuesday, December 17, 2013

...And Two.

Lauren had blood work yesterday to check some things that could be causing her optic nerve to swell. She has a mild iron deficiency, or anemia, which could be contributing/causing the swelling. The directive at this point is for her to take an iron pill and follow up with the eye docs in six months for them to do another dilated-eye exam.

As long as nothing changes (i.e. doesn't develop headaches or nausea, or vision 'blackouts') then it is not a major cause of concern now. We will go back in a few weeks so they can check her peripheral vision. As much as it is hard to go from completely freaking out to 'not a huge deal,' I am immensely relieved and thankful that we are not dealing with any of the horrible things that come up when you google papilledema.

So, to any and all who sent good thoughts and prayers out into the universe on our behalf, tremendous thanks to you. I am trying now to focus on getting fully in the holiday spirit. Family and celebration, full steam ahead.


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