Friday, January 31, 2014

Christmas Memories 2013

Editor's note: I wrote this post about a month ago, intending on coming back and adding to it, but never did. I'm just going to leave it as is and then hopefully jump back in to posting semi-regularly.

This Christmas was good. Full of magic and miracles. For the first time ever, we stayed at our house for all of Christmas day. It was great. We are slowly pulling out of holiday mode. I am in no big hurry.

We had a bit of a health scare this month that turned into a major bullet dodged. In early December, Lauren had what should have been a routine (first) eye exam that turned into a (clean, thankthelord) MRI and blood work. (Sidebar: what I have learned from this incident, among other things, is that 'blood work' is NOT one word. It should be.) For now, she has been diagnosed with papilledema (don't google it) that *may* be related to some slight anemia that she has. We will check back in six months. Anyhoo, that was my major Christmas miracle.

After starting December with adrenaline that made me accomplish some Christmas memories fast...

...the rest of December was slow and easy. Here are the things I want to remember:

Merritt calls Santa "Christmas." After getting offended early that she couldn't touch Chocolate Milk (our elf), she fully embraced the tradition and spoke to him regularly.

Pulling our outside lights into a makeshift Reindeer Runway. Tucker and Lauren both heard sleigh bells and heard a "Ho, Ho, Ho" in the middle of the night. Will this be the last year that everyone truly believes?

Me, waking up at 4:45 a.m. and having to wait a whole hour until anybody else (Lauren) woke up.

This face aka The Realization That I Got Just What I Asked For

Since Lauren and Tucker were so absorbed in their new Kindles,

I was able to obsessively play Lauren's new Paper Sticker Mario DS game. Ever since we got our first Nintendo, Mario truly makes me feel like Christmas.

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