Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Inquiring Minds Want to Know...

Quite randomly, I have decided to link up with the blog Catholic All Year and the big Purse Dump of 2014. Because apparently, I feel that the contents of my purse deserve to be shown to the internets.

So, here is what is in my purse!!

Entire Contents:
My big, green wallet
Two keys from the office
Portable Boogie Wipes (I love these)
Notepad for keeping kids occupied during church, because I'm that mom
Random pile of garbage, including ticket stubs from The Lego Movie (it was great)
Handful of change
Two Starbucks giftcards totalling $6.75 (woohoo!)
Flash drive
Three band-aids, small
One blue barette
Packet of kleenex
Two semi-used kleenex
Outdated phone that I keep charged so Merritt can look at pics (mostly of herself)
Bag of ballpoint pens
Biscotti, wrapped
Bouncy ball
EOS lip balm
Burts Bees tinted balm
Generic Tylenol and empty iron script bottle
Three tampons

I like to hang on to airline food for long after my trips to remind myself that I'm cool enough to fly.

Confiscated because, of course.

And a particularly good fortune.

I'm actually surprised that there wasn't more stuff, but I did switch out purses after Christmas, so I've been trying to keep this one only full of essentials.

My favorite thing in here? Toss up between the boogie wipes (I seriously love the smell) and the lagniappe Starbucks cards.

That shouldn't be in there? The flash drive. I'm 99% sure that isn't mine. Not sure who I borrowed that from.....

Wow, I have a lot of? I can't believe there aren't more...? Receipts. I normally have a purseful. I guess I've replaced receipts with pens.

This was fun. Mom, your turn!!


Kendra Tierney said...

Your wallet is such a fun color. And I'm surprised I didn't have any bouncy balls in my purse.

Jen M said...

I confiscate bouncy balls all.the.time!!