Saturday, July 5, 2014

I Was Tired of Looking at that Damn Avocado Anyway

alternate title: Anatomy of a Meltdown

I am currently locked in a battle of wills with a 2.9 year old, and I'm going to win. Background: Merritt is a champion fit-pitcher. When she throws a tantrum, she really commits to the cause, whatever it is. This has gotten worse lately, and I am totally blaming it on the fact that her third birthday is approaching. The old adage "the terrible twos" has really never applied in my house. Three has been worse both other times.

So, this morning, Merritt asked for a cup of milk. I pour the milk in one of the very few sippy cups we have remaining house, and the only clean one available. She tells me, "that's not my fwavowite color." (the nerve!) And then all hell breaks loose. That was a good fifteen minutes ago, and think I'm being conservative. In the meantime, her argument changed. Through much screaming and sobbing, she told me she wanted to watch Tucker's kindle. The kindle that she moved from being on the couch to allthewayoverbythekitchen. You know, like ten feet. Maybe. I told her that was fine, go get it and you can watch it. "I don't wanna get it, I wanchoo to get it!" Nope. Not gonna happen. What Merritt doesn't realize is that I do not negotiate with terrorists, even cute ones that I love. Ain't nobody got time for that.

Okay, so update. While I was typing this, the little shrew approached. I had told her that when she was ready to calm down, she could get her pappi (that's a battle for another day) and get on my lap. So she has done that. But then! She dropped her pappi (on purpose, but she doesn't know that I know that). I put her down and told her to pick up her pappi and she could get back up. "I wanchoo to get my pappi!"
N o t g o n n a h a p p e n.
I think I have broken her, though because she picked it up relatively quickly and is sitting back in my lap, watching the screen as I type. She can't read, right?

This fit is made worse by the fact that Miss M went to bed extremely late last night after watching Fourth of July fireworks, and work up before 7:00 (of course). I feel that an early and long nap is in our future. Onward and upward.

She just told me that she wanted some raisins to make her foot be better. Makes sense.

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