Tuesday, March 24, 2015

My Mother Is A Fish

I want a job where I can wear jeans and an oxford shirt and birkenstocks every day. A job that still pays handsomely, but is flexible that I can leave early to pick up the kids from school. Where I can engage in intelligent conversations with like-minded people and laugh without fearing that I have stepped on toes or violated protocol. A job where I am free to move about as I wish. Where I can create something. A job where I do not have to sit in front of a computer all day. I want a job where my decisions don't affect someone else's livelihood. When I was young, my only vision for my future career is that I would be behind a desk. Have I changed so greatly in the last 19 years? More likely, I was so fixated on getting things "situated" that I never really took time to explore myself at the seemingly appropriate time. It is hard to wake up when you are thirtysomething and feel so stuck and unhappy but even worse being terrified to make any changes. I should write a memoir, except it would be largely boring and depressing and wouldn't resolve itself in the end. (like my blog)

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