Tuesday, November 3, 2015

And Then There is Something So Blatantly Obvious For Which to be Thankful.

As I merged onto the highway, I noticed that traffic on the other side of the road seemed backed up. Must have been a wreck going the other direction. It was getting dark, and I could have sped up, but the truck coming up was not going to yield, so I waited and got behind him.

So thankful that I did.

Maybe a hundred yards later (IDK, I'm terrible at estimating distance), I saw the white car in front of him pop into the left lane. It had either had a tire blow out or been hit. I was able to stop, but it was one of those where you pray that the people behind you get the message in time.

So thankful that they did.

I'm not sure if the truck in front of me hit the white car, but if not he missed it by inches. Merritt and I sat there for over an hour as the police arrived and worked the scene. We watched a woman get triaged and taken to the hospital by ambulance (she was walking around, so I feel like she is okay) and we saw the tow truck load up a car.

Seven cars were involved in the accident.

So thankful that it wasn't us. Our Guardian Angel was definitely in the car today.

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