Monday, November 23, 2015

I Don't Have the Brain Power for Complete Sentences

Over the past week:
I went to the library. Not for fun, to work. I went to Starbucks first. It was lovely. Both the coffee and the library.
Saturday I painted. Dawgs blocked the kick for a one-point victory.
Sunday I was productive. I went on a walk and breathed in the chilly air. Outside is good for the soul. I made my way back to the library. It was a gorgeous day.
I am deadline driven and yesterday was the day. At first it was slow. I may have gotten one sentence written in the first hour. (keep in mind that the bulk of the paper was already written, I was just sourcing and polishing, MOM). But after a couple of hours it started clicking. So much that by the time I finished, I thought to myself, "this isn't too bad!" Clicked submit.
Leaving the library, the Quad was lit with luminaries. I stood in the cold and admired it for a minute, breathing gratitude for accomplishing this task that had been hanging over my head. Drove home to a reheated hamburger and a cold beer or three.

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