Thursday, December 31, 2015


Lauren got a cookbook for Christmas (at her request) and we made a red velvet cake FROM. SCRATCH. the other night. I begged her, "don't you just want to make a box cake?" But we persevered. I had salt, and eggs, but we had to purchase all of the other baking ingredients. Hell, I even had to buy a hand mixer. Funny how life turns out completely different that you expect it. Growing up, I baked cookies from scratch all the time. I could even make biscuits. Real biscuits. Now the few cookbooks I own are boxed up in the bottom of my pantry. Maybe one day I will have enough space in my mind and on my counter to enjoy cooking and baking again. Not to say we didn't enjoy building our cake this week, though. It was an accomplishment.

Christmas was good. It felt relaxed and comfortable. Kids were excited and engaged. Chocolate was consumed. Harry Potter was watched. PJs were worn. And so on.

Today is New Year's Eve. I am in PJs and socks and am alternating between picking up, slowly, and playing with the kids. This year I have taken time to know myself more. It is a slow process. But good.

And though I am not big on resolutions, I would like to strive to meditate more and scroll less. Unplug and be present. Find my voice and keep my words kind. Identify a good moisturizer with sunscreen.

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