Sunday, November 1, 2015

I See Your Game, and Raise You a Haiku

November brings with it the habit of attempting to blog each day about gratitude. Here it goes.
I begin this month thankful for new notebooks. I have never been a committed diarist, feeling like a failure if I missed a day or didn't adhere to a strict format. It has taken me 37 years to just keep a simple and small notebook on me at all times, doodling, quoting, and working out small and large feelings on paper. It is not so much a detail of my day as it is a random thought that I have to put on paper to get it out of my brain. When I happen to go back through and read, it is full of raw, unrefined emotion.

At any rate, I bought this one in a back-to-school clearance sale, and I am going to abandon my mostly full notebook for this gorgeous girl.

New notebook is full
Possibility and space

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