Monday, September 24, 2012


We had a little get together to celebrate Merritt's first birthday. A good time was had by all, eventually even Merritt.

Merritt is not fond of strangers. She defines "stranger" as any person who does not reside in her immediate household or is one of her two teachers. That is all.

Despite Merritt's current aversion to...all people, she did pretty well at the party.

Adorable birthday baby feet.

The cake, carrot of course, was absolutely delicious. Thank you, Celebrations!

Carrot garland and pics spanning Merritt's year.

I got my eye on you, cake.


The terror that comes with being the center of attention.

Hello, Gorgeous. Let's eat some cake.

Needed some help to get started.

First taste

Thinking about it

Oh like this?

Y'all didn't tell me there would be CAKE!!

Survey says...

opening presents...

Merritt was the first to pass out...

ohbytheway...Lauren can ride a bike now! Whoop Whoop!

"Hey Granddaddy, this is my cute face!"


steph said...

What a super-delightful photo-documentary of the day! So adorable!!

theandyoneals said...

thanks Steph! It was a good day.