Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Yesterday and Today

I am thankful for technology to keep me connected even when I am not able to be where I am supposed to be. (first for receiving the message that Merritt was running fever (AGAIN)while at Tucker's school Thanksgiving production; second for being able to call, text, and email work related things while sitting on my couch holding a fevery baby. two days in a row)

And all of this from the last cell phone holdout. Merritt hasn't kicked this cold/ear infection quite yet. We attempted to go to school this morning. She really didn't run fever yesterday, even though she felt bad, and she had been on antibiotics for 48 hours. Well, she must have blown it out first thing this morning, bc when I went to pick her up she was pitiful. She had a couple of naps in her crib this afternoon, but spent the majority of the afternoon on my lap, somewhere between dozing and asleep. When awake, her eyes would roll back in her head. She was running about 102 when we got home and Tylenol got the fever down some, but it was still over 100 and she was feeling terrible. I finally went out for some Motrin and that seemed to do the trick. She got some life back in her this evening, enough to help me pack a box of tupperware.

As much as I hate for her to be sick, it is so sweet to hold a sleeping baby on your lap.

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