Friday, April 26, 2013


This week has been spent largely in the car. Back and forth. Multiple times a day. I drew the line at waiting thirty minutes (I wrongly thought the meeting started at 6)for the PTO meeting on Wednesday. Something had to give.

Wednesday and Thursday mornings were spent shuttling patient #1 to PT appointments, only to have The Super Carrot pop her elbow out of joint at school both mornings. The first time we went to the doctor, she had popped it back in place by herself. The second time, the doctor had to do it. Merritt is not allowed to hold hands from here on out.

Merritt calls giraffes 'necks.' This is a hoot.

I love the message that this video sends

I have done a really good job of eating my veggies this week. Does veggies include avocados? (avocadoes?) Have had two fabulous avocados the last couple of days, shared with Tucker and Merritt. We had taco-rittos last night, and Lauren set the table outside. It was lovely.

Speaking of outside, I have done more hacking on my rosebushes this week. But not the ones by the mailbox. I actually like those. Knockouts, indeed.

I spent all week thinking it was one day ahead of what it really was. So glad its Friday.

In the spirit of finishing this post in one day, I will stop now. Good night.

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