Saturday, April 13, 2013

Today Was a Good Day

We have had a good Saturday. Started this morning with a trip to HobLob. Got some frames, and then decided to paint them. I am tackling decorating Merritt's room first. Its easiest, because she doesn't have an opinion. I have pinned several things on Pinterest that I am using as inspiration. It is a slow process, and it feels good to make some headway.

We spent the afternoon in the yard again. I swear, my neighbors have got to be so sick of the piles that I put on the street each weekend. It got so big today that we had to do two piles. While hacking trimming a rose tree this morning, I found this little early bud. It was so interesting and I enjoyed looking at it all day long. I hope that it will bloom and be pretty. This was the only bloom on the arbor.

Lauren was not happy that I was forcing her to get some Vitamin D via the sun, but enjoyed painting some boards that we found in the backyard. I love the end result and will keep it in the garden. Welcome!

After, seriously, about 4 billion wheelbarrow loads of pinestraw, clippings, etc. to the street, we called it an afternoon. We actually got a lot done and the backyard is looking so much better and is starting to feel like our own. I enjoyed an adult beverage on the patio several afternoons this week. To cap it off, we grilled some hamburgers and ate on the patio. I love eating outside. And, I have to admit, this is a good patio to eat on. We had a nice deck at our old house, but we didn't eat outside much. I think it was a combination of the proximity of the back door to the kitchen and the fact that the deck was elevated and we could see into our neighbor's yard (and vice versa).

The kids have discovered The Brady Bunch, and are now cozy on the couch watching reruns with Andy. I think I will join them!!

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