Saturday, November 9, 2013

Three at a Time

We are having some good days around here.

Thursday, I came home to a clean house. Although not perfect, it was tidy, and that did wonders for my soul. I can breathe for a minute.

Yesterday, Merritt's school was closed. We had a fabulous day. Mimi and I dropped off the big kids at school, picked up a pumpkin spice latte from Mickey D's (its good, trust me), and went to her school for a parent-teacher conference. After all the fabulous accolades, we headed to my office where she pretty much ignored everyone who tried to talk to her. She's just a slow starter. We proceeded on to HobLob, where I finally got the Mod Podge I so desperately needed (but forgot the craft wood--have to go back!) and rounded out the morning with the most delicious avocado atop leftover beans and rice. A delicious day-off lunch. Merritt napped, I made Christmas ornaments/presents, we walked outside (wonderful weather), and then played on the playground while waiting for Tucker to return from his school field trip. Despite having to deal with a couple of work issues, it was The Perfect Day.

I am hopeful for the same today. Starting my day off with a (homemade, this time) café au lait. I mean, I love my black coffee, but something about a CAU makes me feel a little decadent. I am taking the day slowly, ready to embrace whatever comes our way. Breathing Peace in and Love out...

Roll Tide.

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